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SpamExperts and Cartika IT Solutions team up under the SpamExperts’ Hosting Partner Program

Amsterdam – October 11, 2011 – SpamExperts, the leading provider of e-mail security products from Amsterdam, happily announced today that Cartika has joined their Hosting Partner Program (HPP). Cartika, founded in Toronto, has established itself as a leader in Application Hosting and Hosting Technologies. As their home grown solutions and several appliances did not solve the predicaments caused by spam emails, Cartika implemented SpamExperts’ centralized solutions which seamlessly integrated into their existing systems.


Storage – the backbone of the cloud. To centralize or distribute?

Cloud giants like Amazon and Google are initiating a massive push towards distributed and replicated storage solutions for cloud computing. Their assertion is that the storage backbone for the cloud should be done via replicating data across commodity type of local storage hardware. Essentially, they are talking about network based RAID across multiple local storage servers. Amidst their claims that distributed storage concepts will one day make SAN solutions obsolete, I am strangely reminded of similar claims by Intel and others regarding the future of mainframe computers when 1U pizza boxes hit the market. At the time, it was postulated that distributed processing found in these intel based machines would be preferable to the centralized compute model offered by mainframes, and inevitably would spell the end of mainframes and the concept of consolidated computing. Clearly distributed processing did not put an end to consolidated mainframe computing, as many enterprises today utilize a hybrid approach to computing. Rest assured, the distributed storage model being so heavily promoted by several cloud giants today will not spell the end of consolidated SAN storage platforms. Having said this, there are clear benefits and disadvantages to each approach that must be considered when building a storage backbone for your cloud.


Canadian Cloud Launched by Cartika Built on ZFS Storage Platform – Cartika Canada Further Evolves Cloud Computing with Next Generation Storage Systems

Canadian Cloud launched by Cartika is built on the Open Standards ZFS storage platform. Simply the most reliable, resilient and flexible storage platform available anywhere with Cloud Computing. All Cloud data is automatically replicated locally, as well as, offsite between the Cartika United States Cloud and Cartika Canada Cloud for the purposes of disaster recovery.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) September 12, 2011

Cartika recently launched its Canadian Cloud from within their NOC in Toronto, Canada. In addition to being able to deliver a 100% Canadian based Cloud solution, the Cartika Canadian Cloud boasts a revolutionary storage solution built on Open Standards and Open Source ZFS Storage Platforms.


Cartika Comes Home! Cartika Inc Launches—A Canadian Company Opens its First Canadian Data Facility

Cartika recently launched its newest facility based in Toronto, Canada. offers a suite of hosting solutions based 100% on Canadian soil, complimenting the existing United States facilities in Dallas, Texas.


Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) August 28, 2011

Clustered Linux and Windows Hosting Solutions, Multi Platform and Multi Country Reseller Hosting Solutions, a 100% Canadian Based Public/Private Cloud to compliment the existing Public/Private Cloud solutions in the United States. Additional offerings launched in the new Toronto facility to match the offerings in the United States facilities include extensive Managed and Utility based Virtualization solutions, Dedicated solutions and full clustering capabilities across a diverse set of infrastructure. Cartika offers complete management services, predictive failure analysis, Citrix Xenserver Technology, NetApp and ZFS based Cloud Storage Systems, Citrix Netscaler Load Balancing Technology, CDP backup and recovery solutions and CloudLinux Operating System deployments.

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